Graced New World

Behold! A graced new world has come upon us. We are in it.  We are also clothed with it. Those in Christ are now clothed with the Spirit from heaven.  Jesus promised us that he would not leave us alone, but that the Spirit would be with us. And so now we are wearing the raiment of a new world — a world soaked through with the presence and character of God.

We live simultaneously in a “brave new world” as well. It is the world of Adam, a world still deeply and profoundly shaped and scarred by the militant occupation of sin and death. This brave new world is that place where the humans and their societies are caving in on themselves.

Oppression , tyranny, poverty, racism, environmental degradation, conspicuous consumption, and many other ailments are disturbing expressions of the world of Adam.  Scripture testifies that sin and death entered into the world through one man’s disobedience.  Scripture also testifies that one man’s faithfulness, that of Jesus of Nazareth, has led to the emergence of a new world.

The Spirit clothes us with the power to live faithful and sacrificial lives that sing of a coming new world. It is a world that reflects the love, mercy, and justice of God. In the book of Acts we are given a snapshot of a community of friends clothed with the power of heaven.  What happens is quite startling. They share their lives, food, shelter, songs, and the different worlds they inhabit.

In our world, what does it mean to be clothed with the raiment of heaven? We still live in the world of Adam, a world characterized by violent and oppressive relations between people representing different worldviews.  In such a world, the hope of Easter and the promise of the Spirit bring us to a stance of resistance to these things.  Through the power of the Holy Spirit we are adorned with the raiment of a graced new world.  ANTHONY SMITH, page 157, The Mosaic Bible


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