14 Reasons to Stop Evangelizing Your Friends

My facebook friend Lyndsie posted this link to blog one another which posted 14 Reasons to Stop Evangelizing Your Friends.  I think these are legitimate reasons.  What do you think?

  1. It makes them uncomfortable.
  2. It makes you uncomfortable.
  3. It makes you think about how to twist every conversation to Jesus rather than seeing how Jesus is already there.
  4. It makes you believe you’re bringing God to them, rather than seeing how the Holy Spirit has already been active in their lives.
  5. It pressures you into showing an unrelatable happy, plastic face rather than letting God’s grace shine through your struggles.
  6. It makes you focus on talking rather than listening.
  7. It leads you to answer questions they aren’t asking.
  8. It makes you think about what to say rather than how to love.
  9. It makes you think faith is a list of statements rather than a different way of living.
  10. It puts you into the role of “teacher,” causing you to miss things your friends can teach you.
  11. It makes them see you as a religious salesman rather than an apprentice of the Master.
  12. It hurts your friendship.
  13. It robs you of a good time.
  14. It makes you think their lack of interest in your evangelism means they are not interested in Jesus or spiritual questions.

3 Responses

  1. Guess it depends on ones definition of “evangelizing.” If it means the classic “beat them over the head with the gospel” every time you see them, then I would agree with the 14 points. But if it means sharing naturally the hope that lies within us, then I can’t agree.

  2. Rick, I think the one who developed these reasons had the negative approach type of evangelizing” in mind. I find it hard seeing the “sharing naturally” part in any of the above. I do believe that having a grasp of the above reasons, would help us all be more missional in our approach to the people we find ourselves relating with.

  3. Maybe we can rename the list: Fourteen reasons to stop convincing your friends they are wrong.

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