Mom’s home

Early Wednesday morning January 6th Mom went home to be with her Lord. Since then I’ve been busy dealing with the grief and details that are involved when a loved one passes from this life. I knew I was going to experience a great loss, but did not realize the extent of the loss.  God gave me a wonderful mother – none better.  I do miss her, but realize she has united with her Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and reunited with Dad and many friends who presided her.  In fact, she has never been better, and that’s an understatement.

Friends and care center staff who saw her on Tuesday said she was very animated and wide awake talking about heaven and giving the names of people she had seen there.  (A glimpse of Heaven?).  All day  the atmosphere in her room was one of expectation and excitement.

In the afternoon she told the activity director,  “I saw the Gates of Heaven – and I saw Jesus”   Later she was seen by another staff member lifting both arms toward heaven and giving praise to the Lord.  The wonderful thing about this is that seven years ago Mom had a stroke that paralyzed the left side of her body.  Since that time her left arm had been pretty useless.  But here she was bedridden for several months and in the care of hospice for two years, hours before her final departure lifting both arms upward  in worship in preparation for her homing coming.

I know of no better way to leave this world and enter into eternity than this.  I’ve found this to be extremely encouraging and comforting as I walk through the valley of the shadow of death.  I’m convinced Mom walked well through that valley.

The following text was found in both of Mom’s Bibles which very much describes who she was and how she lived:

But he knows the way that I take;

when he has tested me,

I will come forth as gold.

My feet have closely followed his steps;

I have kept to his way without

turning aside.

I have not departed from the

commands of his lips;

I have treasured the words of his

mouth more than my daily bread.

(Job 23:10-12)

3 Responses

  1. I rejoice with you in celebrating her promotion, and weep with you in your loss. It is never an easy time, even when you know that your loved ones have graduated to a better place. There will still remain that hole in your life that will never be filled. May the Lord comfort y ou and richly bless you in your time of need.

  2. Rob, “hisfool” said exactly what I was thinking! Blessings to you as you process the grief and the joy mixed paradoxically together.

  3. Great work! I also have my own blog I just find it hard to write quality content like this.

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