Treasure Found

My mother who is 88 years old has been under the care of Hospice at a care facility for nearly two years.  We keep thinking that maybe today might be the day that she will finally go home, but she continues to rebound as she did over this holiday.  Linda and I have  been storing many of her belongings since her stroke seven years ago.

Going through one of our downsizing phases, we decided to deal with Mom’s stuff.  As one who lived through the depression as a child she saved everything; like Christmas and Birthday cards, correspondence from friends and family, awards her children and grandchildren received and much much more.  On a positive note, most of her stuff was orderly and organized.

Unlike my mother, if I don’t use something quickly or find a use for it soon, it goes in the trash.  Needless to say I’ve thrown some treasures away for sure.  But I just don’t like the clutter.  It has been my intention to wait until Mom is gone and just throw her stuff out.  Linda on the other hand is much more caring, thoughtful and sentimental than I.

So we took time to look through much of her stuff (scrap books, magazines, trinkets, etc.) and found some treasure.  One treasure is five small (somewhat old) booklets of poetry published by a Salesian Missions a Catholic organization dedicated to working with poor children around the world.  With my recent increased interest poetry I have found these booklets to be a real find. Individually titled:  The Way; Peace; Golden Moments; Look to This Day; and The Magic of Love.

Here is a poem from The Way which I resonated with immediately.


What happened to the years? I asked

He said, “for everything a time.”

Where are my friends of long ago?

He said “beyond the hill you climb.”

Why are my footsteps slower now?

He said “’tis all within the plan.”

But what of all my hopes and dreams?

He said “they mellowed with the man.”

But there is still so much to do,

He said “be grateful for today.”

The road to heaven seems so long,

He said “there is no other way.”

But what of all the things I need?

He said “and do I not provide?”

Sometimes I even grow afraid,

He said “I’m always at thy side.”

My purse is thin, my coins are few,

He said “sufficient for the day.”

And oftentimes I’m wrongly judged,

He said “care not what others say.”

Oh to be peaceful and secure,

He said “all things are thine in Me.”

My cross grows heavy with the miles,

He said  “I’ll lift it presently.”

The future looks so bleak and grey,

He said “’tis darkest ‘fore the dawn.”

But who will share my lonely way?

He said “you’ve ME to lean upon.

No love so lasting as My own,

No power greater than My hand,

For you belong to Me, and this

Is all you need to understand.”

— Grace E. Easley

One Response

  1. May I suggest you take any poems, books, old pictures, etc. and scan them before you get rid of them. You’d be amazed at how someone in a family would like to see or know about this or that.

    Having just done that with about 5% of the old photo albums of my mom I can tell you there are some gems in those.


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