Mosaic Bible – Impressive

I purchased a copy of the Mosaic Bible from Tyndale House Publishers. I must say, I’m impressed!!  It is actually two books in one. The first is a 52 week devotional geared to the Christian Calendar featuring traditions from Church history using quotations, essays, poems, hymns  from individuals representing every century.  The second book is the second addition of the New Living Translation with center column references and a number of others features of most standard Bibles.

I have found the first book devotionally valuable and will be using the Mosaic Bible as my primary bible for 2010.  It begins with the Christmas advent and ends with Pentecost.

According to the Church Calendar we are in Advent Week 4.  Here is an example Mediation I found quite encouraging living in the current chaos of our times as we celebrate the 2009 Advent.


There’s a light upon the mountains,

And the day is at the spring

When our eyes shall see the beauty

And the glory of the King;

Weary was our heart with waiting,

And the night-watch seems so long,

But his triumph-day is breaking,

And we hail it with a song.

In the fading of the starlight

We can see the coming morn;

And the lights of men are paling

In the splendors of the dawn;

For the eastern skies are glowing

As with light of hidden fire,

And the hearts of men are stirring

With the throbs of deep desire……

He is breaking down the barriers,

He is casting up the way,

He is calling for His angels

To build up the Gates of Day;

But his angels here are human,

Not the shining hosts above,

For the drum-beats of His army

Are the heart-beats of our love.

— Henry Burton (England/ 1578-1648)

2 Responses

  1. It’s expensive but if you ever can get it Logos is great. I just upgraded to Logos 4 so I’m not entirely sure of how it works but I have used it for more than a decade and it rocks. BTW After the first of the year I’d love to see that bible.


    Merry Christmas to you and yours.

  2. Every time you show or mention that Bible, I want to run out and buy my own copy. But I have enough Bibles on my shelf already that I’m not reading as I would like.

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