Wonderful Quote & Prayer

Reading Pete Greig’s book, God on Mute: Engaging the Silence of Unanswered Prayer I came across the following in reference to Romans 8:38:

Not angels and not demons. Not cancer wards and not concentration camps. Not loneliness and not fear.  Not bankruptcy, not bereavement, not barrenness. Nothing we endure has the innate power to tear us away from the ultimate reality of the fact that we are loved eternally by Abba, Father.


Abba, Father, I know all this stuff about Your love in my head, but my heart gets hard to it and I’m tired.  Please do whatever You’ve got to do (and I mean whatever) to unclinch my fists.  Pry open my eyes so that I can see Your tears and soften my heart so that it moves me deeply.  I don’t understand why You don’t just answer my prayers, but I do choose to trust that You have heard me, that You actually do care and that You’re somewhere out there on my case.  Abba, Father, thank You for all the ways You have blessed me.  I honestly don’t know what I’d do, where I’d be or even who I’d have become without You.  Abba, Father, I am going to try to trust You today.  Amen [page 56].

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