God is good! All the Time!

I’ve been basking in the words “Cancer Free” voiced by my oncologist August 24th following seven months enduring chemotherapy and all the stuff that goes with it. Needless to say these are the words Linda and I desperately wanted to hear; more than words themselves can describe.

Thoughtfully musing, and pondering this whole experience has reminded me once again of the wonderful goodness of God; maybe in a deeper, more real way then in previous times.  God is good all the time even in the not-so-good times.

What if  we had not heard the words “cancer free,” but something else which honestly I was half expecting.  After all, my cancer was at stage three, plus it was an aggressive form.  Is God’s goodness only real when good things happen and not the bad such as sickness, disease, trials, tribulations and what some would describe as godawful?

Our westernized Christianity often has us thinking that when things are going well it must be a sign of God’s goodness and when they are not going well, He is not good or there something spiritually wrong with you.  I think many times we get confused and attempt to place God’s goodness within our own perimeters of understanding and experience.  I know there were times in this journey that I gaged things within the perimeters of my own understanding and experience.

But in hindsight and reflection I see a bit clearer.  I recognize God’s goodness in the midst of and throughout this cancer experience which I could label as not so good experience.  I discovered that God’s goodness is not limited to the situations and circumstances that life throws our way.  Even if the outcome had been different – God is still good.

Here is my proof as evidenced in some of what I experienced:

  • People all over the world were praying for me.  Many unsolicited.  On a couple of occasions people I did not know came up to me to say, “We’ve been praying for you!”  All those who have experienced any of life’s difficulties know how encouraging this is.  Linda and I literally felt many times of being carried along on the prayers of God’s people.
  • The fantastic care Linda provided.  Without formal training she was the best nurse anyone could have. My care and comfort became her major concern in life.   I discovered in a fresh and new way how much God has blessed my life through her.  We’ve been married 42 years and I can honestly say I love her at least 42 times as much as the day we became husband and wife.
  • Friends and family coming to our aid, by mowing lawns and doing household chores.  Our “Short Bus” group came over and removed all the moss from our roof along with a massive amount of yard work being done.  One of our Epic people tilled, cultivated and planted a whole new flower bed.  Others supplied meals.
  • God’s goodness was also shown wonderfully through the staff at the Cancer Center which included doctors, nurses, case workers, receptionists, and schedulers.  Some of the most positive people I’ve encountered in this life with hearts to serve those suffering with this awful disease.  What a valuable service they provide to people in great peril and need.
  • In addition to the staff there were the special people I met suffering with cancer who came to the center for treatment.  Many possessing great faith and courage in the midst of considerable difficulty.  Personally I found each of them to be tremendously encouraging.

These are just a few experiences that prove to me God’s goodness at work even in the midst of life’s difficult times and struggles.


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