Another Update

Chemo Update 

Things have been going fairly well through the chemotherapy process.  Except for two delays in receiving the normal treatments due to low white blood cell count everything has been fairly copacetic.  If things continue in a normal fashion I should complete my final treatment on July 28th.   To keep me on track my oncologist is prescribing injections every other week to raise my white blood cell count.  This will hopefully insure the completion of treatment on schedule.

I still have the normal side effects due to the chemo drugs (Oxaliplatin, 5-Fluorouracil, Leucovorin) and the experimental drug (Herbatux).  From the chemo drugs I have constant neuropathy in my hands, feet and mouth, which means I don’t do well with foods and liquids that are below room temperature and things like ice cream feel like cold glass chips in my mouth.  The final side effect from these drugs is stomach cramps that just come and go at various times.  I think my body is getting used to the drugs because the stomach cramps are fewer and less severe these days.

From the experimental drugs I have skins rashes and acne over most parts of my body – hands and face are the worst.  Thankfully there is no pain and itching involved.  In addition to all the above I have a general low grade lousy feeling most of the time.

In spite of everything God’s presence, peace and goodness has been our portion throughout this ordeal.  I am grateful that so many are holding both Linda and I up in prayer – it means a great deal to us, more than any of you will know.  THANKS!

We see the end of this leg of journey July 28th if everything stays on schedule and my white blood cells do their part.  And hopefully in a few months we can hear that the chemo did what it was supposed to do.

Probably the best thing about this journey is the “recalibration” of my life in so many ways.  One of those recalibrations is that I no longer see life as I once did.  No longer do I assume my life is in my hands, now I know it is in God’s and he will do immeasurably more than I can even ask or think.  Each day is a gift and I’m learning to ask the Lord as the Psalmist did in Psalm 90, “teach me to number my days that I may grow in wisdom.” I believe He is doing just that.

By God’s Grace!  Rob


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  1. Rob,
    Keeping you in our prayers.

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