Obedience and Openness to God

Dr. Larry Shelton writes;

I think many in our society have tended to develop an attitude of entitlement: I am entitled to happiness.  I am entitled to so and so.  I deserve a Mercedes because the commercial say I deserve it.  We really need to evaluate the concept of entitlement.  In doing so, we need to understand indebtedness and lostness and dependence and accountability.  These concepts enlighten us about salvation.  Christ’s purpose in giving his life was to reestablish an interpersonal union between humanity and God.  That’s what being created in the image of God leads to: the right relationship, interpersonal union, the bond that exists between a person and Father.  When one is in right relationship to God, there is a capacity for open communication with God. When Adam and Eve sinned, they abandoned communication with God and tried to hide in the garden.  God had to pursue them.  The alienation revealed the consequences of disobedience.  God never has to pursue someone if communication is open.  But this openness requires an attitude of complete trust, an attitude of the subordination of your will to the Father’s.  In short, it requires obedience.  

Cross & Covenant: Interpreting the Atonement for 21st Century Mission p.9

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