A Blessing

Of late, I’ve been posting less than normal which has never been anything close to regular or regimented.  This is partly due to a recent life recalibration initiated by a recent colon cancer diagnosis.  These days, I just seem to be consumed with processing it all and preparing for upcoming chemotherapy.  But in recent weeks I had the privilege of reading a GREAT book The God Who Smokes: Scandalous Meditations of Faith by Timothy Stoner: a wonderful argument for seeking a middle ground between Emergent and Traditional streams of the church. When I have more time, and a little more focus, I want to post a book review.  IMHO one of the more valuable elements of this book are the blessings Timothy writes at the conclusion of each chapter.  If this book only contained these blessings, the book would still be worth securing a copy.   Hear is an example from chapter one, titled King of Fools.

May the Lord of the outcast, the King of fools,

the great shepherd for our souls,

come and place a kiss of peace on your cheeks.

May He say to you, “You are mine and I am yours.”

May He give you the embrace of the Father

that will heal a thousand wounds and speak a thousand

hopes into life.

As He takes the dry ashes of misspent passion

and gives you in its place a garland of praise,

may you rejoice.

No, may you shout with a bold, confident joy

at the dizzying delight of being chosen,

of being welcomed in by your true Father

and invited to sit with Him at the banquet table reserved

for His friends.


as you celebrate your delightful privilege,

may you never forget that the one who called you His own

is friend but also sovereign King –

that He who gave everything up for you

calls you to give everything up for Him.


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