Still incredibly blessed!

This has been a couple of weeks to remember.  On Monday December 1st following a colonoscopy procedure the doctor informed me of a mass around nine centimeters in the colon he was 99% sure was cancer.  The following Wednesday the pathology reports confirmed his diagnosis.  On a positive note the KAT Scan performed on Tuesday suggests that the cancer has not spread to other primary organs, but is localized.  Needless to say – life has suddenly changed re-calibrating my entire world.  In the midst of all this I sense the presence and peace of God about ninety percent of the time.  The other ten percent I deal with all the normal fears associated with this type of prognosis.

During this time there have been numerous reminders that even in the midst of this situation I am still experiencing God’s blessings.  Here are just a few things are helping in the re-calibration: 

  1. Numerous friends and colleagues have contacted me to acknowledge they are praying for Linda and myself as we journey through this situation.  
  2. Many others have made contact, asking to pray with and for me in person.
  3. There is a fresh motivation to take inventory of my life and intentionally recalibrate with renewed intentionality and purpose.
  4. The opportunity to access again God’s presence and blessings in the midst of something I’ve always regarded as extremely negative and always happens to other people.
  5. Reminded that deeper dimension of humility will be required on my part if I desire to remain positive and attune to this new reality.
  6. Coming face to face with my own mortality.  When diagnosed with some physical malady that has the potential of being fatal, we realize just how fragile life is, and at the same time how precious and a gift to be stewarded.
  7. Overwhelmed on multiple occasions with the incredible family that is mine. An outstanding wife, four incredible children and their spouses, and ten of the greatest grandchildren ever.  
  8. And than there are is the awesome family of God.  Brothers and sisters in the faith who eagerly present themselves as agents of encouragement and support.
  9. I’ve made a vow never to let anything go unsaid when considering extending a compliment or word of encouragement to someone.  Too often in the past, I’ve said, “I’ll say it another time when the situation is right, or more convenient, or appropriate.” or “Its just not the right time.”  The fact of the matter is that it is generally always the right time to voice something positive to another.

Overall there is a sensitivity to life and the great gift it is to be and experience life.

What I know at this moment is that tomorrow I go in for a Barium X-Ray to give the doctors a clearer picture of the situation.  On Friday, December 19th I undergo surgery to remove the cancerous mass, involving the removal of  around 12 inches of the lower colon.  Because this surgery is extensive and involved I will be spending a 3-5 days in the hospital recovering (hoping to be home for Christmas).  The doctor has also informed us that there are many risks involved so to anyone who might be reading this. we would deeply appreciate your prayers.  We are finding it a great encouragement knowing that there are so many holding us before our God in prayer.  

Realizing I’m still incredibly blessed!

3 Responses

  1. Great post, Rob…thanks for sharing!

    God is awesome, indeed, and we are all so very blessed. Thank you for the reminder — especially the one about speaking a word of encouragement and not leaving things unsaid….

    Blessings, bro…praying, of course!

  2. I wish I could have been there for prayer tonight. What hospital are you going to. I’ll want to come up and see you sometime when you’re in.


  3. Rob – I will also be praying on your behalf, and that of your family. Thanks for this post.

    James Carmichael

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