I’m Blessed

I’m one of those individuals who has been shaped by western culture more than I realize.  One indicator of this is that I too often see the glass have empty rather than half full.  In other words there more times I focus on what I don’t have or how bad things are rather than on what I do have and the good things God is doing in my world – too often I lack an attitude of gratitude.  But in the later part of life’s journey and with the Spirit’s help a change is occurring — one of realizing that I’m blessed.  Just to be His child is often more than I can comprehend.

This awareness of being blessed also comes as I consider the multiple people God has placed in my life through HIs sovereign grace and love.  A great church family known as Epic Wineskins, who are extremely patient and loving as we together strive live out Christ’s call on our lives, as we continue allowing the Spirit to knit us together as a family that hopefully looks a lot like Jesus.  The sharing of our lives this last five years has been one of the great gifts of God’s grace in the spiritual formation of this often fallible individual.  Then there is my earthy family – four grown children and their spouses, and ten grandchildren who are all exceptional people, who have put more into my life than can be imagined.  God’s “immeasurably more” always comes in play every time I’m around them or think of them.

An then there is the love of my life, Linda, who has been a mother to our children with incredible grace and authenticity.  A wonderful Godly woman who has demonstrated for us all what it is to be a follower of Jesus. A person who is as real as anyone I know, with a warmth and love that is outstanding.  Who on a daily basis places her interests and desires below those of her family, friends and all those who come into our home. She is the one of the greatest gifts God has given me; second only to the gift of eternal life provided for by the sacrifice of His Son Jesus.  

Tomorrow September 1st, we celebrate 41 years of married life together.  Happy Anniversary Honey!  And thank you for the blessing you are to me, our family and friends and all who know you.  I AM BLESSED!!!


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