Beer and Bible Study

Last night a few of us from our Missional Learning Community held our first Beer and Bible Study. We acquired the idea from an email from Mark a member of our learning communing, with the following link  to attempt a dry run (excuse the pun).  Rather than meet in a pub we gathered on our deck in front of a fire-pit with beer, other libations and Bibles in hand.  After throwing a couple thoughts and ideas out amongst ourselves we landed on the 1 John 2:15-17 passage, and specifically the phrase “love not the world or things in the world.”  We had a great conversation around what these words can mean to us in our cultural context.  

 We moved beyond just the standard list of do’s and don’ts that we often use to gauge one’s spirituality within the conventional Evangelical structure.  A list that can quite easily become exhaustive in short order as many of us have experienced.  And here we were  seemly violating one of the primary don’ts — imbibing alcoholic beverages.

But our conversation didn’t become stuck at this point, but moved toward what I would term a more holistic approach.  We asked ourselves, “what does it mean for us to love not the world, both individually and communally?”  We discussed our culpability in regard to the cultural value of the “American Dream,” and our own pursuit of consumption, which verse 16 focuses on.  Overall, it was a great time, with wonderful participation, and honest heartfelt communication. Our desire is to meet at a local pub next time, so we are in the process of scoping out a few the area.

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