For the sake of my own spiritual formation I am working my way through an eight week daily office titled; Begin the Journey with the Daily Office: Remembering God’s Presence Throughout The Day by Peter Scazzero. You can find the book here.

Day one of the first week has the following devotional thought, a quote from Lost in Wonder: Rediscovering the Spiritual Art of Attentiveness by Esther De Waal found here.


I have a need

of such clearance

as the Savior effected in the temple of Jerusalem

a riddance of clutter

of what is secondary

that blocks the way

to the all-important central emptiness

which is filled

with the presence of God alone.

–Jean Danielou

There is one word that stands out from my perspective; the word secondary. Today I’m asking the Spirit to reveal the secondary’s in my life that block His presence. At this point the primary secondary seems to be a schedule far too hectic and chaotic lacking little structure or design, caused I’m sure by some clutter. Oh how to unpack and unclutter.

A deep and personal awareness of God’s presence seems to be the issue at stake. I’m sure there are other secondary’s to face as well. But this one might take some time.

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