attended yearly tribal gathering

Sunday through Wednesday I attended my tribal yearly gathering with the hope of being encouraged spiritually and participate in conducting what some consider family business.  For most, the family business as important as it is, is high only on the agenda of a few. It is the kind of stuff that some of us who are more organic find troublesome  and at times, unneccessary.  But regardless, no institutional tribe is able to function long without attention given to organizational administration. I guess maybe my tribe does it as well as any.

Most of what I experienced I found personally encouraging.  There is a strong and growing “incarnational / missional impulseof  what Alan Hirsch calls, “incarnational/missional impulse.” A term Alan Hirsch describes in chapter five of his book The Forgotten Ways: Reactivating the Missional Church.   This impulse is active among both individuals and congregations.  

On Tuesday evening I listened to what I believe was the most complete and thorough presentation from Matthew 28:18-20 on what it is to be incarnational and missional: when our purpose is identified with the person of Jesus.  

Overall I found my time with the tribe spiritually uplifting and encouraging – something I was not expecting.  A wonderful blessing from a gracious and sovereign Lord.


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