surreal experiece

Surreal is defined as “weirdly unfamiliar, distorted, or disturbing, like the experiences in a dream or the objects or experiences depicted in surrealism.” This describes this last 10 days of being without a computer. Normally I have two laptops nearby and they were both down and normal life came to a screeching halt and surreal moved in — or at least that is the way it felt. I was not aware of how much the computer dominates my normal routine. Here are a few things that went undone: online bill paying, personal scheduling (daily, weekly, monthly), instant messaging, blogging, checking favorite blogs, sending and receiving email, a writing project, attention to a research project, normal Bible study, prep work for some teaching responsibilities, and a lot of other stuff.

Needless to say, I found it somewhat uncomfortable and unnerving as any type of normal routine was non-existent for ten days, and forced to remember a time when computers were not part of my world – and not all that long ago. A time that everyone – at least those of us who can remember those times, have referred to them as much simpler less complicated. Funny, without my laptops, I find life much more complicated and frustrating. My, how things have changed, but I still don’t want to go back. I’ll just deal with the occasional surreal times.


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  1. Yeah! and you also remember times when there weren’t antibiotics,HECK you’re old enough to remember pre-writing don’t you? LOL.

    Yeah. It sucks when little things like electricity, computers, cell phones, and indoor plumbing go away. Try reading a series of books by S.M. Stirling which deal with this very theme. It’s interesting if not a bit disconcerting.

    Your bro.

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