Evangelism quotes

In a recent George Fox Journal article titled “Rethinking Evangelism,” Todd Hunter states:

We now have 30-40 years of data demonstrating that systematic or mechanistic approaches to evangelism do not work as far as producing actual followers of Jesus. All the research I’m aware of concerning the church growth movement — from David Kinnaman in UnChristian. George Barna’s Revolution. The Pew Research Center, and Gallup — agree that the systematic, marketing approaches to evangelism haven’t really worked, not in terms of making genuine disciples.

We hear a lot that the culture today is postmodern and post-Christian. But there’s another very important “post” going on. The vast majority of Americans are post secular — meaning they know that a purely materialistic, secular view of the world is bankrupt. Studies all show that most American believe in God and they know that there’s a nonmaterial world that’s every bit as real and important as the material world. They just don’t know how to access it or what it means. That’s why there’s a lot of pluralistic, relative thinking going on.

I think the number one thing that can get the attention of the world is for people to actually be Christians.

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