Wrestling with Political Involvement

Like many others, I’m as frustrated as ever concerning governmental politics and the upcoming elections and my participation in the whole process– as I’ve probably stated before. Gregory Boyd, author of The Myth of a Christian Nation blogs concerning Christian involvement at a national level as he reviews Charles Colson’s latest book, God and Government and recent feedback he received from his review. He wants to state clearly for the record the four things he was arguing for throughout his review of Colson’s book. He states:

Thanks for the all the feedback on my review of Colson’s God & Government. In light of some of this feed back, I feel I need to clarify my view. I am not suggesting Christians can’t or shouldn’t be involved in politics (though I can easily understand how the New Testament leads some Christians to this conclusion). Am I am not at all negating the good that Christians like William Wilberforce accomplished by political means (though non-Christians have of course accomplished similar things), Rather, in my review of Colson’s book and my other writings, I am simply arguing four things:

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  1. Where is the rest of the post? Not being familiar with either books, I cannot comment. But as for your wrestling with the question of political involvement, I can share my experiences.

    I had no political involvement until I became a Christian 24 years ago. Because of other church members I was urged to vote and get involved. Great fear was produced by the professional ministries during the Clinton era that a horror had come upon our land. However, at that time, the Republicans controlled both the House and the Senate. Yet after 8 years of Clinton rule, the government became bigger and no change in the moral landscape came about with the Republican control. Eight years of Republican administration has caused us to invade another nation unrelated to the 9/11 attack. Needless to say, I became greatly discouraged.

    There are many patriot websites – many of them non-christian – who have given reasons for the state of nation. They are all conspiracy websites. But they are contradictory in many points and rebellious in spirit. I am convinced that our nation is controlled by non Americans today, but most of those websites did not help me find out the probable truth.

    Then I found the Team Law website. This website was founded by a Christian truck driver, Eric Madsen, who was run roughshod by the courts and he lost his home, even though it was fully paid for. He realized he needed to understand what the legal grounds for his home being confiscated truly were. So he studied the laws, of his state, Colorado, and of the US by going to the actual documents housed in the Library of Congress.

    What he discovered is too much to put in this reply, but, in a nutshell it is this: after the Civil War congress passed the District of Columbia Organic Act of 1878 that incorporated DC into a private corporation which they called the United States government. They adopted the US Constitution as their corporate charter and up until 1912 elected representatives functioned in two offices: as representatives of the states and people they came from, and as corporate officers in the private corporation called the US government. Because of defaulting on loans to the wealthy banking families of America and Europe, they gave the right to coin money to those families who (through an act of Congress) set up the Federal Reserve. To finance the interest on the money sold to the US Treasury by the Feds, congress changed their corporate charter to include the 16th Amendment for income tax, which is forbidden by the original constitution.

    When they passed the 17th Amendment for their corporate charter called the Constitution, they abandoned the jurisdictional government. The constitution forbids the Senate from being popularly elected since it was part of the structural integrity of the separation of powers: i.e., those states with small populations should have two senators who expressed the will of the state governments, not the people of the state since they had that already in the House. That meant, from that time on, no one represented the original government, and all were strictly corporate officers of the private business established in 1878 through the District of Columbia Organic Act.

    The final straw came when the rascals in this corporation called the US Government, defaulted on their loans and could not pay the interest. So the banking families made a deal in 1944 when they established the Bretton Woods Agreement. Three things were accomplished in that meeting. The International Monetary Fund was set up, the World Bank was set up, and lastly the corporation called the US government who had defaulted on their loans sold their business to the bankers who established the US Treasury as the bank for the United Nations.

    That means from 1944 to today, we have been run by a foreign government. Like Toyota in America, they employ American workers to manufacture, advertise and sell their cars, but they are owned by Japan. Likewise we have Americans manning the offices of the government, but the government is owned by the United Nations.

    This understanding of where our nation really is at, caused great grief and discouragement to me. However, the Lord reminded me that I am not a citizen of the United States. I am a citizen of the Kingdom of God, and an ambassador to the United States on His behalf.

    I do not vote anymore since I know that it is a rigged system. Instead I am seeking to follow the lead of Jesus in everything. This government will pass away. Christians in America have been led to believe that it is our responsibility to keep this government going under Christian control, and it is not. We are to pray for all governments so that the peace may be kept for the sake of the gospel to go forward.

    The irony is that in the beginning of my walk with Christ, He stirred up the need for patriotism in me. In hindsight I think it was because I came out of a rebellious hippy lifestlye and the pendulumn needed to swing the other direction for a season.

    I believe the Lord leads many believers to be involved with politics, nonetheless. He has many needs to accomplish, and many people need that for a season at least. Whatever your decision is, just be sure that you are following the peace of God in your heart and that you know it is what God wants you to do. As for me, I am out of that arena for now. God may move me back into that arena in another time. I don’t know. I just have to do what He wants of me today.

    Peace and blessings upon you.

  2. Alex,

    Thanks for you comment to my post. Sorry for not having the link to the rest of the Gregory Boyd’s post – I must have been tired or something like that. It is available now. From reading your above comments, I believe you would appreciate “The Myth of A Christian Nation.”


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