Describing Missional

Last night our Missio Learning Community met for the second time to discuss the question; “What does it mean to be “missional” and why it matters?” To help make our time both more profitable and participatory we broke into four groups of three’s and than came back together as a larger group. It was wonderful experiencing the Spirit’s uniqueness and diversity within each group. Needless to say, there was a wealth of insight that surfaced in this format. It was impressive to see this spring forth from a group where most of us are in the beginning stages of this whole missional conversation.

Larry, Robert and Joy (group four) came away with a simple and extremely concise phrase in response to the question:

Follow Jesus – Using Gifts – With Compassion and Love –

Where they Live or Are.

A fresh perspective describing what missional is and what it is about. To “follow Jesus” translates into authentic discipleship. “Using our gifts” includes both material resources and spiritual gifts. In the context of “compassion and love” gauges our spiritual formation, and “where they live or are” places us both in and on mission. Putting it all together, really does matter.


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  1. Simple and clear ( I like that). The need for a working definition is key because without it there is no cog to measure, judge, or establish if what one is doing IS missional!

    It was the last phrase that struck a cord with met It is important to understand that those being served [ministered to] do not have to enter a church. Instead it is the Chud moving out among the people. Thanks for the post Rob!


  2. A working definition is crucial. This one really has me thinking and processing.

  3. That’s my Robert! He’s another one of those quiet ones who doesn’t say much. But when he does, it’s good. ;^) I want a scan of the images — they were as good as the words!

  4. Peggy you are so right, the images were as good as the words. I’m geek challenged and lack the ability to do so.

  5. Great – simple.

    I’ve been focused on these distinctives:
    Sent – Cross – Community – culture – Kingdom

    Hope this post adds to your conversation:

  6. Dave,

    Thanks so much for your post and adding to this conversation.

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