Missional and Attractional

The following clip chronicles some narratives of a congregation effectively being both missional and attractional as it portrays the Spirit’s vibrant work within the margins of an inner-city. Be blessed!


5 Responses

  1. What a fabulous video! Thank you for sharing it. I am leading a retreat on the Missional Church on 2/2 and would love to use it to close the retreat. Would that be okay?

    May I make one suggestion and that has to do with your use of “at church”. These folks are the church…I know you know that. I’m trying to break the “to church”/”at church” habit myself. So forgive my “persnickitiness” (sp?)

    Thank you again for sharing this wonderful video. Very cool.


  2. Very cool! Nice way to start the day.

  3. Jim,

    Please feel free to use this clip in your Missional Church 2/2. This clip is about a congregation a friend of mine pastors. I just felt the clip would be a blessing to those who viewed it.

  4. It is…I’ve thought today about how we could do a similar clip as we have folks with similar stories. I just want us all to continue to do more in that same direction. By the way, did you use Camtasia?

  5. Jim, the pastor of Tremont Evangelical Church (congregation in the clip) is a friend of mine. We were attending a denominational gathering on the Oregon Coast where this was viewed. During the viewing I tapped him on the shoulder asked if I might post the clip on my blog. I technically challenged, so I have no idea if they used Camtasia.

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