Thinklings Reflections

I spent last Sunday through Tuesday with twelve others out at Edgefield McMenamins in a Thinklings gathering. Each participant was invited to present an essay on their perspective of 1) how and in what ways is the church prophetic? and 2) what is prophetic ministry today and how is it done? The collage of prophetic voices was insightful and exellerating as time was given following each presentation for debate, questions and further conversation. In addition to sharing meals at the Power Station Pub, and liquid refreshment, cigars and pipe smoke everyone experienced some fantastic short-term community.

Some personal highlights were just hearing from those who share like passions and desires for the Lord Jesus and His church. Their spiritual journey’s in the form of story was quite invigorating and inspirational. Another was the prayers that went up on behalf of each presenter for their life and future ministry, and thankful for the insight and enrichment they extended to the gathering through their participation. Maybe the most meaningful was just multitude of conversations that occurred over the days where we celebrated our connectivity. More later.

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