Missional Order Conference

Off to the Missional Order Conference in Seabeck, Washington tomorrow and very much looking forward to the time away with folk that share similar concerns and kingdom values. A little anxious probably because of the particular focus and the convergence of leaders serious about missional life and spiritual formation.

For some time Allelon along with church leaders from around the globe have been asking questions in regard to the spiritual formation of missional leaders in a post Christian world. Those involved have been seeking to discern what God is saying in the midst of many experiments and numerous currents of church life. There is an agreement of a growing conviction that the task of forming leaders will require time, probably be a multi-generational, along with a need to develop some kind of missional order shaped by the ethos of a “Rule of Life”

The Mission Order Conference is a beginning step of intentionally addressing these issues. Praying that God’s kingdom come and his will be done during our time together as it is in heaven.


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