Weakness as Strength

I think as I age and gain wisdom that I’m learning that my greatest strengths are not what I thought they were. No they are not my leadership or academic achievements, but they are the things I try not to notice and hope others don’t see. They are my insecurities, places where I have failed and not achieved to my full potentia; my fears when I’m in the presence of others I consider superior to myself. They seem to be the things that remind me of my own humanity and fallibility. I would really like it the other way around, but the words from Jack Barnard in his book How to Become a Saint: A Beginners Guide really ring true for me:

Our weaknesses really are our greatest assets — they are not simply strengths held with a bit of modesty. The extent to which we grasp this truth is our own case is the measure of our humility.

Just maybe I’m growing in this area.

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