Organic Qualities of the Church

The metaphors the Apostle Paul employs to describe the church are all life forms — meaning they are organic (body, bride, family, household, living stones, etc.). This leads me to believe that the essence of the Church is therefore organic. Or at least the physical organic realm of creation has corresponding qualities that hold understanding and insight regarding the church. Maybe for every organic quality in the eco-system of our universe there is possibly a corresponding spiritual quality in the eco-system known as the Church.

Organic qualities such as simplicity, complexity, biotic potential, and self-organization just to name a few. What if like the physical and material realm they overlap, assimilate, and are interdependent in relation to one another in the spiritual realm? Just maybe these spiritual qualities operate within like the physical in the realms of simultaneity and synchronicity.

I’m convinced that within the church’s genetic code, all these qualities are employed for the health and well-being of the Church organism. The organic reality is as Howard Synder states in Decoding the Church “ that the church is a complex ecology of spiritual, physical, social, political, psychological, and economic dimensions.”

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